What we saw?

The COVID-19 pandemichas affected businesses all over the World. Some businesses that were thriving few months ago are struggling to survive today.

What we came out with?

Although it came during this difficult year for the start-up, it is believed to be the first African Tech start-up with this innovation to be listed on the start-up weekly and Modern Ghana news platform, after its birth in Ghana.

Future Service

Sub-Saharan Africa is thought to be one of the world s fastest-growing digital TECH markets,with the largest population of under banked and unbanked people in the world.

About us

EADfix, a Ghana-based tech platform and a subsidiary of EAD Group of Companies, connects customers with verified service providers across different industries as it seeks to meet the growing demand for convenience, reliability and speed.

EADfix App connects more businesses to customers in the easiest form without any hustle. This App is the future of businesses. People these days find it hard to go to the market to buy products, or hair saloon to make their hair especially in this COVID19 era, people are comfortable ordering rather than going for the product themselves.

The App improves both the customer and service providers’ satisfaction while keeping them protected in a safe business environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

It helps in crowd control, eases the stress of looking for a service provider, it is secure and safe to use because all service providers are verified. It is also fast and reliable.

In the app, we have a map that directs you to the service provider and the customer making it easy for the two to connect. You get to call or chat to negotiate. The replies are instant.  You have the option to schedule for a service without going to the service provider and also easy to use anywhere even at home without going to the shop or office

EADfix App helps locate the nearest service provider close to you. It is easy, timely and reliable to use. You do not have to go the shop, market, or visit the company before you are served. You stay in your homes to request for the service and it will be rendered

EADfix Tech App

Why Choose Us?


Retail Trade

has a unique Global Positioning System (GPS) that pinpoints the nearest driver, thus allowing the driver to give an accurate ETA (estimated time of arrival)


Technology Services

EADfix App helps in crowd control and eases the stress of looking for a service provider and multiple safety features to keep you secure.



An Emergency alerts button, and live service tracking are just some of the features that EADfix has in place to keep service providers and customers safe and secure.

Leadership Profile

EADfix has designed an environment and structure that will encourage productivity and respect for customers and fellow employees. The company is registered with Ghana Registrar General under the name EADfix TECH, which was founded in January 2020.

Our Verified Service Providers

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